B and V Minimal Pair Quiz 4

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  1. Of all breeds, collies are the ones I like the ___.
    a. best
    b. vest
  2. It is a good idea to ___ and lock the door when you are alone.
    a. bolt
    b. volt
  3. A ___ is a measure of the amount of electrical force required to create one amp of current.
    a. bolt
    b. volt
  4. A ___ is an unobstructed sound passing through the mouth and nasal passages.
    a. bowel
    b. vowel
  5. America's most popular summer game has three ___ and a home plate.
    a. vases
    b. bases
  6. What a ___ and horrible crime!
    a. vile
    b. bile
  7. When I turned around she was gone. She ___ into thin air!
    a. vanished
    b. banished
  8. Some restaurants offer ___ parking. You just give the keys to the attendant and he does the parking for you.
    a. valet
    b. balet
  9. Doctors may ask a patient to drink ___ to do a stomach and intestinal test.
    a. valium
    b. barium
  10. In legal terms, to "___" means to sell something.
    a. vend
    b. bend
  11. To reduce stress, it is good to ___ or release pent up emotions.
    a. vent
    b. bent
  12. A ___ weevil is an insect that damages the cotton plant.
    a. vole
    b. boll
  13. ___ writers include Jane Austen, E.M. Forster and Terry McMillan.
    a. Rebel
    b. Revel
  14. After a bath it is nice to lounge around in a terry-cloth ___.
    a. rove
    b. robe
  15. To copy an audio or video recording one must ___ from one machine to another.
    a. dove
    b. dub
  16. Baby cattle are known as ___.
    a. calves
    b. cabs
  17. She slowly turned the ___ on its axis to find South America.
    a. glove
    b. globe
  18. Let's all support Women's ___!
    a. Live
    b. Lib
  19. She never misses a chance to make a ___ about her husband's eating habits.
    a. jibe
    b. jive
  20. The ___ of the small church performed the ceremony.
    a. bicker
    b. vicar

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