L & R in Consonant Clusters Quiz 5

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  1. The nurse made a hole in her surgical ___ when she was injecting a needle.
    a. glove
    b. grove

  2. Members of the upper ___ in British society have distinct speech patterns.
    a. class
    b. crass

  3. To clear the entrance way you can sweep with a ___ or use a vacuum cleaner.
    a. bloom
    b. broom

  4. Once he left the keg in the sun too long and the pressure ___ the lid off.
    a. blew
    b. brew

  5. When Becky heard the sound "___", she knew her ice cream had hit the floor.
    a. plop
    b. prop

  6. A person's ___ income is the amount of money made before taxes are taken off.
    a. gloss
    b. gross

  7. The painful ___ in his neck was caused by hunching over the computer too long.
    a. click
    b. crick

  8. The loud, shameless woman was called a "___ hussy" by the others at the party.
    a. brazen
    b. blazon

  9. A ___ is an earthen vessel often used to store pickles or other fermented foods.
    a. clock
    b. crock

  10. It was hard to concentrate while hearing the sharp, loud ___ of the typewriters.
    a. clack
    b. crack

  11. To do good research it is necessary to carefully ___ the facts from many sources.
    a. glean
    b. green

  12. A dark feeling of ___ fell over the waiting bridal party because the bride was late
    a. gloom
    b. groom

  13. The flowers' ___ perfume drifted from the bouquet to the far corners of the house.
    a. flagrant
    b. fragrant

  14. He took a ___ to his eye, then to his nose before he collapsed in the boxing ring.
    a. blow
    b. brow

  15. The man who was arrested did not have any ___ or previous indictments on his record.
    a. pliers
    b. priors

  16. He played a nasty ___ on his friend when he telephoned and pretended to be the police.
    a. plank
    b. prank

  17. I don't mean to ___ but could you tell me who came over for dinner at your house tonight?
    a. ply
    b. pry

  18. Refrigeration and improved transportation allow people to eat ___ meat and vegetables daily.
    a. fresh
    b. flesh

  19. The politicians outrageous and shameless acceptance of bribes was a ___ disregard of the law.
    a. flagrant
    b. fragrant

  20. A type of fern that grows in the forest and turns a reddish brown color in the fall is called ___.
    a. blacken
    b. bracken

  21. It would be considered ___ and insensitive to ask the widow how much the funeral was costing her.
    a. class
    b. crass

  22. It is unwise to ___ or feel happy about the misfortune of others because the same could come to you.
    a. gloat
    b. groat

  23. The instrument of choice for a soloist is a ___ piano which is the largest and most expensive of all pianos.
    a. gland
    b. grand

  24. The hysterical patients' arms and legs were strapped down so that they would not ___ during the examination.
    a. flail
    b. frail

The End

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