El Salvador

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  1. El Salvador is a country in ___ America.
    a. South
    b. Central
    c. North

  2. El Salvador is one of the countries in the world that ___ the best coffee.
    a. imports
    b. exports
    c. grew

  3. El Salvador is a Republic of Central America on the ___ coast; its capital is San Salvador
    a. Atlantic
    b. Gulf
    c. Pacific

  4. El Salvador became independent from ________since 1821.
    a. Mexico
    b. England
    c. Spain

  5. El Salvador is a democratic ___.
    a. republic
    b. monarchy
    c. dictatorship

  6. El Salvador is the most ___ country in Central America with six million.
    a. unpopulated
    b. populated
    c. busy

  7. English is the second ___ in El Salvador.
    a. dialect
    b. language
    c. slang

  8. El Salvador is located between Guatemala and ___.
    a. Mexico
    b. Panama
    c. Honduras

  9. El Salvador is a ___ country with beautiful beaches.
    a. temperate
    b. tropical
    c. cool

  10. El Salvador is the ___ country in Central America
    a. smallest
    b. largest
    c. greatest

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