Christmas in Denmark

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  1. Christmas is an important holiday for most Danes, because it is almost the only tradition ___ we all have in common.
    a. who
    b. that
    c. what
    d. as
  2. We celebrate Christmas ___ the 24th of December in the evening.
    a. at
    b. in
    c. on
    d. of
  3. Everybody has got an Advent wreath, made of spruce, with four candles and lots of ribbons, for ___ time until Christmas Eve.
    a. measures
    b. measuring
    c. measure
    d. measurement
  4. The children watch a ___ story on TV in December named "The Christmas Calendar". There is a surprise for every day.
    a. continuing
    b. continue
    c. continuation
    d. continues
  5. On the 24th in the afternoon, many people ___ to church.
    a. went
    b. gone
    c. going
    d. go
  6. We normally eat duck or roast pork ___ Christmas dinner.
    a. for
    b. with
    c. in
    d. to
  7. After dinner we walk ___ the Christmas tree, singing carols.
    a. into
    b. over
    c. around
    d. up
  8. And finally, the long awaited moment, when it is time to ___ the presents that have been lying under the tree.
    a. wrap
    b. unpack
    c. unwrap
    d. wrap up

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