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  1. The capital of Hungary ___ Budapest.
    a. is
    b. are
    c. was
    d. were

  2. Budapest ___ situated ___the two banks of the Danube.
    a. -; on
    b. is; -
    c. is; on
    d. is; at

  3. The two banks are ___ by six roads and two railway bridges.
    a. connect
    b. connecting
    c. connected

  4. Almost two-thirds of the territory of Hungary consists ___ fertile plains.
    a. -
    b. of
    c. on
    d. in

  5. July and August ___ the two sunniest months, with almost 300 hours ___ sunshine.
    a. -; of
    b. is; of
    c. are; -
    d. are; of

  6. There are eight ___ besides Budapest with a population of over 100.000.
    a. city
    b. cities
    c. cityes
    d. citys

  7. Lake Balaton is ___ lake in Central Europe which can be reached by taking the M7 from Budapest.
    a. the biggest
    b. a biggest
    c. the bigest
    d. biggest

  8. The southern shore is very popular because the sands ___ a velvety texture.
    a. are
    b. have
    c. has

  9. The sporting season ___ the Balaton begins around the middle of May with the festivities at Balatonfured.
    a. in
    b. at
    c. -
    d. on

  10. Pecs, one of the oldest cities ___ Transdanubia, was originally a Celtic settlement.
    a. in
    b. of
    c. on
    d. at

  11. ___1367 the first university in Hungary was opened in Pecs.
    a. At
    b. On
    c. In
    d. -

  12. Szeged is one of Hungary's most important university cities; the open-air Theatre Festival ___ each summer enjoys an international reputation.
    a. held
    b. hold
    c. is held
    d. was held

  13. Hungary is rich ___ mineral waters.
    a. of
    b. about
    c. on
    d. in

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