What's the Category

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  1. shirt, coat, socks, tie

  2. pigeon, parakeet, hawk, sparrow

  3. teacher, taxi driver, lawyer, doctor

  4. bee, ant, ladybug, dragonfly

  5. car, bus, motorcycle, train

  6. carnation, tulip, rose, daisy

  7. trout, bass, tuna, sardine

  8. dog, cat, mouse, bear

  9. summer, fall, winter, spring

  10. boots, slippers, thongs, sandals

  11. tomato, eggplant, pepper, corn

  12. maple, oak, palm, orange

  13. bread, potatoes, apples, pie

  14. orange, banana, peach, lemon

  15. water, cola, gasoline, beer

  16. rye, oats, barley, wheat

  17. uncle, aunt, cousin, grandmother

  18. one, ten, twenty, twelve

  19. baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer

  20. rain, snow, hail, sunshine

  21. Tokyo, New York, London, Paris

  22. Peru, South Africa, Korea, Canada

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