An Incident in Australian History

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  1. Some (year) ago a woman called Lindy Chamberlain was jailed because the court decided she killed her baby.

  2. A few years later Lindy was pardoned and the court (decide) that there was reasonable doubt that Lindy killed her baby.

  3. Lindy always (claim) she was innocent.

  4. She always (say) that it was a dingo who took her baby away from her tent while the family was camping.

  5. During the court case scientists from around the world (is call) on to give evidence.

  6. Many said that it was not possible for a dingo to have taken a baby. They said (take) a baby was not consistent with dingo behaviour.

  7. Even though Lindy is now out of jail and has been declared, 'not guilty', some people still (think), perhaps she did do it.

  8. It is most interesting that in April 1998 another dingo (is catch) taking a baby from a campsite.

  9. This new case seems to suggest that Lindy was innocent and that a dingo may (take) her baby.

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