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  1. Creating jobs is at the heart of EU ___ .
    a. politics
    b. policy
    c. policies
    d. politics

  2. This book is ___ about Europe.
    a. all
    b. every
    c. each
    d. utterly

  3. We bought a practical guide ___ town-twinning in Europe.
    a. at
    b. in
    c. to
    d. from

  4. Siena, is a medium- ___ city in Europe.
    a. size
    b. proportion
    c. measured
    d. sized

  5. They are promoting the ___ of voluntary organisations in France.
    a. task
    b. role
    c. affair
    d. function

  6. A consolidated version of the Treaty of Amsterdam is ___ available.
    a. yet
    b. today
    c. now
    d. never

  7. The new homepage also gives access ___ a series of important EU databases.
    a. of
    b. to
    c. at
    d. in

  8. For most young people of today, boundaries ___ education ___ work are blurred.
    a. as ..... as
    b. of ..... and
    c. from ..... to
    d. to ..... from

  9. The greatest ___ for young people is unemployment in Europe.
    a. trouble
    b. complication
    c. power
    d. worry

  10. Young people today stay ___ in education.
    a. shorter
    b. longer
    c. lengthier
    d. longish

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