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  1. People from Missouri have a reputation for doubting anything they cannot see. ___ of this, Missouri is called "The Show Me State" from the expression, "I'm from Missouri, you have to show me!"
    a. Since
    b. In spite
    c. Because
    d. Instead

  2. ___ the first Europeans to settle in Missouri were French, there are many towns and rivers with French names.
    a. For
    b. Since
    c. As a result
    d. Consequently

  3. Among these are the town of Versailles and the Pomme de Terre River, which means "potato." ___, French people might not recognize these names from the way Missouri people pronounce them today in their dialect of English.
    a. However
    b. For example
    c. That is
    d. In other words

  4. Missouri is sometimes called "The Gateway to the West" ___ it was the eastern end of such settlement routes as the Santa Fe Train and the Pony Express mail system.
    a. so
    b. due to
    c. as
    d. subsequently

  5. ___ this name, the "Gateway Arch" was built in Saint Louis, Missouri and has become one of he state's most famous landmarks.
    a. Because of
    b. In spite of
    c. For
    d. In consequence

  6. If you look at a map of Missouri, you will see that the southeast corner of the state extends further south than the rest of the state. ___ its distint shape, Missourians call the area "The Boot Heel."
    a. As
    b. Since
    c. Because
    d. Due to

  7. Missouri's two largest cities, Kansas City and Saint Louis are located on the borders with neighboring states. ___ Missouri shares one metropolitan area with Illinois on the east and another with Kansas on the west.
    a. Since
    b. As a result
    c. Because of
    d. For

  8. One of Missouri's most famous natives was a writer whose real name was Samuel Clemens. He wrote under the name Mark Twain ___ he would be identified with the Mississippi River where he worked on a boat as a young man. "Mark Twain" is a phrase associated with measuring the depth of water in a river.
    a. so
    b. in order to
    c. lest
    d. as a result of

  9. In 1927 Charles Lindbergh made the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in an airplane called "Spirit of St. Louis." He called it that ___ money that was given to him to build and equip the plane came from people living in St. Louis.
    a. because
    b. because of
    c. since
    d. as a result

  10. Missouri native, Harry S. Truman, was the 33rd President of the United States. Among many other things, he is remembered ___ he won re-election in 1948 when all the polls indicated that he would lose.
    a. because
    b. because of
    c. so
    d. due to

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