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  1. Sweden is the fifth ___ country in Europe.
    a. large
    b. larger
    c. larger than
    d. largest

  2. With almost 450,000 km2, Sweden is ___ only Spain, France, Russia and Ukraine among European countries.
    a. small
    b. smaller
    c. smaller than
    d. smallest

  3. Abundant natural resources and a high technology manufacturing economy have helped Sweden to develop one of ___standards of living in the world.
    a. high
    b. higher
    c. highest
    d. the highest

  4. With just over 8.7 million people, Sweden is one of ___ countries in the world to develop its own automobile industry.
    a. small
    b. smaller
    c. smallest
    d. the smallest

  5. Both Saab and Volvo automobiles have an extremely ___ reputation for quality.
    a. good
    b. better
    c. best
    d. the best

  6. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. As a result of its natural setting with many islands and its blend of old and modern architecture, many people think Stockholm is one of ___ cities anywhere.
    a. beautiful
    b. more beautiful
    c. more beautiful than
    d. the most beautiful

  7. Sweden includes two large islands in the Baltic Sea, Gotland and Oland. The bridge between the Swedish mainland and Oland is ___ any other bridge in Europe.
    a. long
    b. longer
    c. longer than
    d. the longest

  8. The Baltic Sea to the east of Sweden is fed by many lake and river systems. Because so much fresh water flows into the Baltic and because there are only small openings into the North Sea (Atlantic Ocean) between Sweden and Denmark, the Baltic is one of ___ seas in the world.
    a. salty
    b. less salty than
    c. least salty
    d. the least salty

  9. Some of Sweden's monarchs have had two names. The present king is Carl XVI Gustav and the previous king, his grandfather, was Gustav VI Adolf. Unlike all other monarchies, Sweden gives th ordinal number (2nd, 3rd .... 16th) to the first name of the monarch. It is ___ country which does this.
    a. the only
    b. the last
    c. a usual
    d. ordinarily

  10. Another special feature of Sweden's monarchy is it's Law of Succession. When it came into effect in 1980, before any other monarchy, Sweden became ___country to name the oldest child of the monarch to inherit the throne regardless of sex. The current heir is Princess Victoria, who has two younger brothers.
    a. the most difficult
    b. the first
    c. the smallest
    d. the last

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