Making a Hypothesis

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  1. 1. I wish I ___ younger. Life does not seem so attractive at the age of 45.
    a. am
    b. were
    c. had been

  2. Supposing you ___ $3 million in your bank account. Would you give any to charity?
    a. have had
    b. had
    c. have

  3. My best friend is living abroad now. If only she ___ here with me now.
    a. were
    b. was
    c. would be

  4. I wish you ___ the Net so often. You should pay more attention to me!
    a. would not surf
    b. didn't surf
    c. had not surfed

  5. It is high time we ___ Peter his money back. He is really broke at the moment.
    a. would give
    b. give
    c. gave

  6. I ___ go to the mountains this summer. I have had enough of the seaside.
    a. would rather
    b. had rarher
    c. would rather to

  7. I'd rather you ___ smoke in bed!
    a. don't
    b. shouldn't
    c. didn't

  8. I would like ___ in another country.
    a. to have been born
    b. to be born
    c. having been

  9. Who does this shop assistant think he is? He behaves as if he ___ the grocery.
    a. is owning
    b. owned
    c. has

  10. You should't have left the door open. Suppose a burglar ___ the house.
    a. had broken into
    b. broke into
    c. have broken into

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