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  1. An interjection is ___.
    a. an exclamation which shows thoughts or feelings
    b. a meaningless string of sounds
    c. the same as an adjective

  2. Which of the following interjections is NOT an expression of surprise or wonder?
    a. Gee!
    b. Gosh!
    c. Boo!

  3. You are vegetarian and you are offered a dish of raw meat. What do you think?
    a. Ugh!
    b. Hurrah!
    c. Yippee!

  4. Somebody has just stepped on your toe. Which interjection would best fit the situation?
    a. Yoo-hoo!
    b. Ouch!
    c. Eh!

  5. You are most likely to hear or use the interjection boo ___.
    a. at a theatrical performance
    b. while listening to a political speech
    c. on both of the above mentioned occasions

  6. ___, Mary! Come here! I want to talk to you.
    a. Oops
    b. Mmm
    c. Hey

  7. 'Ta' is synonymous of ___.
    a. take it easy
    b. thank you
    c. tra-la-la

  8. The interjections 'blimey' and 'crickey' imply ___.
    a. joy
    b. surprise or wonder
    c. irritation

  9. Your children are making a lot of noise and you want to hear the news on the radio. How do you urge silence?
    a. Shh!
    b. Tut-tut.
    c. Ow!

  10. Which of the following interjections is NOT used when cheering for a team?
    a. Rah!
    b. Yay!
    c. Yikes!

  11. ___! The spinach soup is out of this world!
    a. Mmm
    b. Yuk
    c. Uh

  12. A: I scored 660 points at the TOEFL test!
    B: ___! That's amazing!
    a. Wow
    b. Aha
    c. Woe

  13. Which is the odd man out? (Which word fits in a different group?)
    a. hey
    b. yoo-hoo
    c. oops

  14. Paraphrase the interjection used in the following dialogue.
    • A: I've forgotten to tell John about the party.
    • B: Eh?

    a. What did you say?
    b. Really?
    c. How come?

  15. The interjection 'Woe!' is a synonym of ___.
    a. Alas!
    b. Bother!
    c. Really!

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