Quiz on the Movie "Deep Impact"

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  1. What is going to strike the earth in the film "Deep Impact"?
    a. A spacecraft
    b. interplanetary debris
    c. a comet
    d. a nuclear bomb

  2. The name of the celestial object that will strike earth is ___.
    a. Messiah
    b. Wolf-Beiderman
    c. Tom Beck
    d. Spurgeon Tanner

  3. "E.L.E" is ___.
    a. The president's mistress's initials
    b. Explosion Like Everywhere
    c. "Ellie", the mystery woman
    d. Extinction Level Event

  4. Jenny Lerner thinks she has uncovered ___.
    a. Noah's Ark
    b. Another Washington Sex Scandal
    c. A newly discovered meteor
    d. A secret underground nuclear testing facility

  5. Leo Beiderman loves ___.
    a. Sarah Hotchner
    b. Jenny Lerner
    c. Vanessa Redgrave
    d. Tea Leoni

  6. Jenny Lerner's mother___.
    a. is committed to an insane asylum.
    b. commits perjury.
    c. committed suicide.
    d. is committed to her husband.

  7. The only astronaut with previous moon landing experience is ___.
    a. Mark Simon
    b. Spurgeon Tanner
    c. Andrea Baker
    d. Richard Zanuck

  8. The name of the spacecraft sent to save the Earth was called ___.
    a. Ellie
    b. Noah's Ark
    c. Wolf-Beiderman
    d. Messiah

  9. Jenny Leder and her ___ die together on the beach.
    a. mother
    b. friend
    c. father
    d. supervisor

  10. Leo and Sarah save ___.
    a. the baby.
    b. all of the animals.
    c. the Earth.
    d. their parents.

  11. "Deep Impact" is the story of the world's reaction to ___.
    a. a nuclear explosion
    b. a death sentence
    c. a Washington sex scandal
    d. underground shelters

  12. People over the age of ___ would not be chosen to be saved from the Earth's possible destruction.
    a. twenty
    b. thirty
    c. forty
    d. fifty

  13. The mission of the astronauts was to ___.
    a. land on the comet
    b. explode the comet
    c. return safely to earth
    d. all of the above
    e. none of the above

  14. If you survive the "Impact", you will probably die later from ___.
    a. air pollution
    b. starvation
    c. drowning
    d. nuclear fallout

  15. A scientific theory suggests that ___ were "wiped out" by a similar cataclysmic event.
    a. snakes
    b. dinosaurs
    c. elephants
    d. lizards

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