Minimal Pair Quiz: [ee] vs. [i]

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  1. The necklace has many red ___.
    a. beads
    b. bids

  2. My father-in-law has a lot of money. He is very ___.
    a. reach
    b. rich

  3. My grandmother has broken her ___.
    a. heap
    b. hip

  4. 4. That student is brilliant. He is a ___ at mathematics.
    a. wheeze
    b. whiz

  5. That student isn't very smart. He is a ___.
    a. tweet
    b. twit

  6. These shoes don't ___ my ___.
    a. feet, fit
    b. fit, feet

  7. The bathtub has a very bad ___.
    a. leak
    b. lick

  8. It's your turn to ___ the cards.
    a. deal
    b. dill

  9. New York has had a lot of ___ and snow this winter.
    a. sleet
    b. slit

  10. Her face is as soft as a ___.
    a. peach
    b. pitch

  11. There are 52 ___ in a year.
    a. weeks
    b. wicks

  12. ___ milk has fewer calories that whole milk.
    a. Scheme
    b. Skim

  13. Wipe that silly ___ off of your face.
    a. green
    b. grin

  14. They had a huge meal. It was a ___ fit for a king.
    a. feast
    b. fist

  15. The army drove ___ through the jungle.
    a. jeeps
    b. gyps

  16. I must pay my lab ___ before I can do an experiment.
    a. fees
    b. fizz

  17. The music has a fast ___.
    a. beat
    b. bit

  18. She cannot ___ that heavy box.
    a. leafed
    b. lift

  19. It is a ___ to ___.
    a. seen, steal
    b. sin, still
    c. seen, still
    d. sin, steal

  20. I ___ very ___. I need to take a ___.
    a. feel, eel, peel
    b. fill, ill, pill
    c. feel, ill, pill
    d. fill, eel, peal

Copyright 1999 by Catherine Rifkin (fricativ@mediaone.net)
This quiz is part of the HTML-Only Self-Study Quizzes which is part of Activities for ESL Students, a project by The Internet TESL Journal.