The Natural World

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  1. Most flowers ___ petals.
    a. have
    b. haves
    c. has

  2. Geologists ___ the structure of the Earth.
    a. say
    b. studies
    c. study

  3. Insects have six ___ .
    a. arms
    b. heads
    c. legs

  4. Darwin wrote a ___ about the evolution of the species .
    a. book
    b. newspaper
    c. sentence

  5. Red cells, white cells and plasma are ___ in blood.
    a. find
    b. found
    c. founded

  6. Flu, Measles and Mumps are infectious ___ .
    a. diseases
    b. health
    c. ill

  7. Future queen bees eat ___ jelly.
    a. real
    b. royal
    c. strawberry

  8. You can examine very small objects with a ___ .
    a. glass
    b. microscope
    c. telescope

  9. Sir Alexander Fleming ___ penincillin .
    a. creator
    b. discovered
    c. inventing

  10. You need a thermometer ___ measuring temperature.
    a. for
    b. for to
    c. to

  11. The trachea ___ air from the throat to the bronchial tubes.
    a. carrier
    b. carries
    c. carryes

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