Getting to Know Spain

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  1. ___ capital of Spain is Madrid.
    a. A
    b. One
    c. Quite
    d. Some
    e. The

  2. Spanish is the official language, but it is not the ___ language. Catalˆ, Euskera, Galego and Valenciˆ are spoken in different places.
    a. beautiful
    b. general
    c. lovely
    d. only
    e. unique

  3. The Spaniards are ___ and helpful to visitors.
    a. cold
    b. kind
    c. quiet
    d. troublesome
    e. unkind

  4. Barcelona is ___ the Mediterranean coast.
    a. at
    b. in
    c. on
    d. over
    e. under

  5. The cathedral of Girona has ___ Gothic nave in the world.
    a. wide
    b. more wide
    c. wider
    d. widest
    e. the widest

  6. River Ebro ___ Zaragoza.
    a. cross
    b. crosseds
    c. crosses
    d. crossing
    e. is crossed

  7. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is full of many ___works of art.
    a. goods
    b. interestings
    c. interesting
    d. oldies
    e. well

  8. You may eat fine fruit and vegetables ___. The ones harvested in Lleida and Valencia are among the best.
    a. beware
    b. everywhere
    c. nowhere
    d. otherwhere
    e. somewhere

  9. In the south, many people ___ gazpacho, a cold vegetable soup.
    a. drink
    b. drinks
    c. eat
    d. eats
    e. likes

  10. There are ___ Roman ruins in Tarragona.
    a. lot of
    b. lots
    c. many
    d. much
    e. very

  11. Composer Frederic Chopin ___ in the Balearic islands for some time.
    a. be
    b. lived
    c. lives
    d. living
    e. went

  12. Bizet immortalized the city of Sevilla in ___opera "Carmen".
    a. an
    b. its
    c. his
    d. hits
    e. one

  13. A Universal Exhibition took place in Sevilla ___ 1992.
    a. at
    b. in
    c. later
    d. near
    e. of

  14. Do not forget to taste our "sangria". But be careful...it is ___ strong alcoholic drink.
    a. a
    b. an
    c. any
    d. much
    e. none

Copyright 1999 by Joan M. Diez (jdiez123@pie.xtec.es)
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