Wisconsin: Preposition Practice

Use one of the following prepositions to complete each sentence:
by, from, in, of, to
  1. Wisconsin was first inhabited ___various Indian tribes.

  2. Searching for a passage ___ China in 1634, Jean Nicolet was the first European to explore the region.

  3. Wisconsin became the 30th state ___ 1848.

  4. It takes almost ten hours to drive ___ Wisconsin's northwest border with Minnesota to its southeast border with Illinois - a distance of 420 miles (676 km.).

  5. Lake Superior is north ___ Wisconsin, and Lake Michigan is east.

  6. Most of the western boundary of Wisconsin is formed ___ the Mississippi River.

  7. It takes almost four hours to drive across Wisconsin from La Crosse, on the Mississippi River, ___ Milwaukee, on Lake Michigan - a distance of 220 miles (354 km.).

  8. Madison is the capital city ___ Wisconsin, and Milwaukee is the largest city.

  9. Wisconsin is the largest producer of butter, cheese and milk ___ the nation.

  10. People ___ Wisconsin are called Wisconsinites or cheeseheads.

  11. The first ice cream sundae was made ___ Two Rivers, Wisconsin in 1881.

  12. Nearly 21 million gallons (79.5 million liters) of ice cream are consumed ___ Wisconsinites each year.

  13. More than half of all Wisconsinites have ancestors ___ Germany.

  14. Bratwurst sausages, known as brats, are eaten ___ Wisconsinites at festivals and county fairs.

  15. The world's largest six-pack of beer is located ___ La Crosse, Wisconsin.

  16. Wisconsin is one ___ the top 15 industrial states.

  17. Two young men ___ Milwaukee, Wisconsin, William Harley and Arthur Davidson, sold their first motorcycle in 1903.

  18. About half ___ Wisconsin is covered with forests.

  19. More than one million deer live ___ Wisconsin forests.

  20. Wisconsin is a leader in making paper products. Green Bay, for example, is known as the "Toilet Paper Capital" ___ the world.

  21. Little House in the Big Woods, ___ Laura Ingalls Wilder, describes 19th century pioneer life in Wisconsin.

  22. Ninety-five percent of all ginseng grown in the United States comes ___Wisconsin.

  23. Wisconsin is a national leader in the production ___ chewing tobacco.

  24. Most of the 15,000 natural lakes in Wisconsin were formed ___ glaciers.

  25. It takes an average ___ 100 hours to catch a 33.4-inch (84.8 cm.) muskie, the official state fish of Wisconsin.

  26. In the 19th century, Delavan, Wisconsin was home ___ 28 circuses.

  27. Harry Houdini, the famous magician ___ Appleton, Wisconsin, performed as a trapeze artist in a circus before moving to New York.

  28. According to Wisconsin legends, there are more ghosts per square mile in Wisconsin than in any other state. However, many Wisconsinites go ___ Illinois in search of Houdini's ghost near a bridge in Chicago where he promised to return.

  29. An average of 45 inches (114.3 cm.) ___ snow falls yearly in Wisconsin.

  30. The World Snowmobile Racing Championships take place ___ Eagle River, Wisconsin every January.

  31. The world's largest experimental aircraft event is held ___ Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

  32. Many tourists travel ___ Spring Green to visit Wisconsin's largest tourist attraction, the House on the Rock. It has been described as "the Grand Canyon of roadside attractions" and houses the largest carousel in the world.

  33. The University of Wisconsin consists of 13 campuses. Arnold Schwarzenegger graduated ___ the University of Wisconsin - Superior.

  34. A crowd of 80, 024 people was the largest to ever attend a football game at the University ___ Wisconsin - Madison.

  35. Students ___ all over the world enjoy studying English as a Second Language at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.

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