On an Airplane

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  1. A person who serves passengers on an airplane is a ___ ___.

  2. The passage between the rows of seats is called an ___.

  3. A ___ ___ is a strap worn as a belt to prevent you from being thrown out of your seat.

  4. An ___ is a small bar next to the seat which is used to support your arms while you are seated.

  5. A ___ ___ is a button on the armrest which is pushed when you want to call a flight attendant.

  6. Another button on the armrest is for the small light above your seat. This light is called a ___ ___.

  7. The ___ ___ are small compartments used for storing baggage above the seats.

  8. A ___ ___ is a flat panel used to prevent light from entering the window.

  9. The pilot may say, "Please prepare for ___ ___."; this means that the airplane will soon leave the ground and rise into the sky.

  10. Small rooms on the airplane which have toilets and sinks are called ___.

  11. You may see a sign which says "Lavatories ___"; this means that the lavatories are near the back of the airplane.

  12. If there is a ___ sign on the door, the lavatory is empty.

  13. If there is an ___ sign on the door, someone is in the lavatory

  14. A form on which you provide information about the contents of your baggage is a ___ ___ form.

  15. A form on which you write your name, address, and travel plans in a foreign country is an ___ ___.

  16. ___ is when the airplane goes down and reaches the ground again after a flight.

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