Beer Words in the United States

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  1. Beer is often sold in a group of six cans or bottles known as a ___.

  2. Beer is also sold in a box of 24 cans or bottles. This box is called a ___.

  3. You can also buy a large (15 gallon) steel barrel of beer called a ___.

  4. When you buy beer in a store, the sales clerk may ask you for your ___ in order to prove that you are old enough (usually 21) to buy it.

  5. A beer bottle has a round piece of metal on the top called a ___.

  6. To open a bottle of beer you use a ___.

  7. Some types of beer bottles have a special type of cap called a ___ cap, which you can remove with your hand.

  8. Most beer bottles have long narrow tops. These are called ___ bottles.

  9. Some beer bottles have short (1 inch) tops. These are called ___.

  10. Most beer cans have metal tabs on the top which are pulled up in order to open the can. These tabs are called ___.

  11. Beer is often poured into a ___ before drinking it.

  12. A large thick beer glass with a handle is called a ___.

  13. A small round ___ is sometimes placed beneath a glass of beer in order to absorb moisture.

  14. In bars or restaurants, beer may be served from kegs pressurized with CO2. The name for beer served this way is ___ beer.

  15. Some bars and restaurants also serve beer in a large ___ from which you pour the beer into glasses.

  16. The bubbly foam at the top of a freshly-poured glass of beer is called the ___.

  17. When you a drink small amount of beer at a time, you ___ it.

  18. If you take a big drink of beer, you ___ it.

  19. If you drink a whole glass, can, or bottle of beer at once, you ___ it.

  20. When someone in a group of people holds up a glass of beer and expresses a wish for someone else's happiness or success, that is called making a ___.

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