Symbols of Georgia

How much do you know about the state of Georgia in the United States?
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  1. Atlanta is the ___ of Georgia.

  2. Georgia was ___ for King George II of England.

  3. The state ___ is the "Peach State."

  4. "Wisdom, Justice, Moderation" is the state ___ of Georgia.

  5. Georgia's state ___ is "Georgia On My Mind."

  6. The state ___ stone is quartz.

  7. Stauralite is the state ___ of Georgia.

  8. Georgia's state ___ is the brown thrasher.

  9. The state ___ is the largemouth bass.

  10. The honey bee is the state ___ of Georgia.

  11. Georgia's state ___ is the live oak.

  12. The state ___ is the Cherokee rose.

  13. The azalea is the state ___ of Georgia.

  14. Jimmy Carter, the 39th ___ of the United States, is from Georgia.

  15. Martin Luther King, Jr., a famous ___ rights leader, was born and raised in Georgia.

  16. "Gone With The Wind," an epic ___ about the American Civil War, is set in Georgia.

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