Automobile Vocabulary

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  1. You see the road through it.
    a. windscreen
    b. carburetor
    c. ignition
    d. spark plugs
    e. timing chain

  2. When you want to go faster, you press this.
    a. brake pedal
    b. clutch
    c. gearbox
    d. accelerator
    e. carburetor

  3. You turn these on when it is dark so you can see the road.
    a. headphones
    b. headlights
    c. taillights
    d. panel lights
    e. spotlights

  4. Whenever you want to shift up or down, you press this down.
    a. gearbox
    b. gas
    c. accelerator
    d. clutch pedal
    e. brake pedal

  5. This cools down your engine.
    a. radiator
    b. battery
    c. distributor
    d. taillights
    e. pump

  6. This provides your battery with the electricity it needs.
    a. spark plugs
    b. ignition
    c. generator
    d. accumulator
    e. alligator

  7. If the road is bumpy, these help to dampen the bumps.
    a. fenders
    b. bumpers
    c. shock absorbers
    d. turn indicators
    e. steering wheel

  8. If you want to turn left or right, you put these on.
    a. headlights
    b. turn indicators
    c. horn
    d. steering wheel
    e. rack and pinion

  9. You use this when you start a cold engine.
    a. brakes
    b. choke
    c. amp meter
    d. fuel tank
    e. gearbox

  10. This lubricates your engine.
    a. grease
    b. fuel
    c. water
    d. oil
    e. cream

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