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  1. Louisiana lies ___ the Gulf of Mexico.
    a. in
    b. on
    c. under

  2. The Mississippi river ___ through Louisiana.
    a. flows/runs
    b. walks
    c. sprints

  3. Louisiana, named after the French King Louis XIV, ___ given its name by the explorer La Salle, who traveled down the Mississippi river in 1682.
    a. were
    b. is
    c. was

  4. There are many bayous, or slow moving waterways in ___ state.
    a. the
    b. a
    c. these

  5. Louisiana's capital is Baton Rouge, and it ___ "red stick" in French.
    a. mean
    b. means
    c. mean's

  6. The Creoles are French ___ descendants of early Spanish and French settlers.
    a. speaking
    b. speak
    c. spoke

  7. The Cajun people came ___ the Mississippi river from Arcadia in Canada in 1755, and settled in Louisiana.
    a. through
    b. up
    c. down

  8. Today, the Cajun people ___ a distinct language and culture.
    a. has
    b. had
    c. have

  9. Cajun music and food are popular ___ the United States.
    a. throughout
    b. on top of
    c. all under

  10. Jazz music was created ___ Afro American people in New Orleans around the turn of the 20th century.
    a. by
    b. for
    c. on

  11. The Mardi Gras carnival, held in New Orleans, is one of the best-known annual ___ in the country.
    a. eventing
    b. event
    c. events

  12. Louisiana is the number one seafood ___ state in the nation.
    a. produce
    b. producing
    c. produced

  13. Ante-bellum mansions, ___ by wealthy plantation owners before the Civil War, are popular tourist attractions today.
    a. built
    b. build
    c. building

  14. A large portion of New Orleans, ___ largest city, lies below sea level.
    a. Louisianas
    b. Louisiana's
    c. louisiana's

  15. New Orleans ___ known as America's most European city.
    a. were
    b. isn't
    c. is

  16. No visit to New Orleans ___ be complete without a visit to the French Quarter.
    a. would
    b. has
    c. have

  17. There ___ many street musicians and entertainers in the French Quarter.
    a. is
    b. are
    c. be
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