Vocabulary Quiz - "G" Words

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  1. What "G word" is an area by a house where people grow flowers?

  2. What European country used to be divided into East and West?

  3. This "G word" is used to protect the hands or to keep them warm. It's a ___

  4. This was first played in Scotland and involves hitting a little white ball into a hole.

  5. This is used to stick paper together.

  6. Your mother's parents and your father's parents are your ___

  7. The color you get when you mix white and black paint together.

  8. Dark green or red fruit which grows on vines and are used to make wine are called ___

  9. The musical instrument that John Lennon played right-handed and Paul McCartney plays left-handed is a ___

  10. This is good to chew and chew and chew. It's ___

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