Vocabulary Quiz - Types of Hats

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  1. Panama, top and felt are all types of ___

  2. Baseball players wear them and now it is fashionable to wear them backwards.

  3. Worn by motorcycle riders on their heads.

  4. A flat hat made of felt worn by school girls and French men.

  5. It is usually white and lacy when worn by brides. It begins with the letter "V".

  6. A square cloth folded in half and tied under the chin which begins with the letter "H".

  7. A long piece of material wraped around the heads of some Indian men.

  8. The headgear worn by kings and queens.

  9. The headgear that is attached to a coat or jacket and can be pulled up. It begins with a "H".

  10. This hat is mainly worn by babies, but was originally made to keep the sun off women's faces.

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