Vocabulary Quiz - "K" Words

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  1. What in Australia jumps along on its two hind legs and carries it's baby in a pouch?

  2. A metal container with a handle, lid and spout which is used for boiling water is called a ___

  3. A specially shaped piece of metal used to open locks is called a ___

  4. What prefix means one thousand?

  5. This "K word" means to touch with the lips.

  6. What room in the house is all the cooking and washing of dishes done in?

  7. What "K word" is the joint which is half way down the leg?

  8. Which piece of silverware has a handle and a blade and is used for cutting?

  9. What "K word" is a baby goat, but is also slang for 'a child'?

  10. To bang on someone's door with your knuckles is to ___

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