Vocabulary Quiz - "O" Words

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  1. The shellfish from which we get pearls is called an ___

  2. A thick liquid that come from the ground called 'Black Gold' is more commonly know as ___

  3. The adjective which means of the mouth is ___

  4. The numbers 1,3,5,7,and 9 aren't even. They are ___

  5. Which sea-living animal has eight legs and squirts ink when it is frightened?

  6. What vegetable often makes your eyes water or cry when you cut it?

  7. Another word for chance is ___

  8. This word means the same as to work at or run a machine.

  9. If something is done one time it is done ___

  10. When something belongs to you, you are its ___

Copyright (C) 1996 by Letitia Bradley
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