Vocabulary Quiz - "S" Words

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  1. A small word that means unhappy is ___

  2. A leather seat used for riding on horses or bicycle is called a ___

  3. The money you get, usually monthly, for working is your ___

  4. To look carefully to find someone or something is to ___

  5. Someone who thinks about their own needs all the time is said to be ___

  6. What word means "like" or "of the same sort"?

  7. To show happiness or amusement by turning the corners of your mouth up is to ___

  8. A creature which has eight legs and spins a web to catch food is a ___

  9. A small usually round mark on something which is a different colour is called a ___

  10. A comfortable long piece of furniture used for sitting or lounging is a ___

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