Vocabulary Quiz - "T" Words

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  1. The four round, black things covering the metal wheels are known as ___

  2. Two babies born at the same time to the same mother are ___

  3. The usually white, thick stuff with a minty taste which is used to brush teeth with is called ___

  4. Something you aim at is called a ___

  5. The noise that follows lightning is ___

  6. The traditional bird which is eaten for Thanksgiving in the U.S. and at Christmas in England is a ___

  7. A person whose job is to cut and sew cloth into clothes is a ___

  8. An instrument used to tell the temperature of things is called a ___

  9. Trains, planes, ships, cars, and bikes are all forms of ___

  10. A very strong and violent storm that is found in the Pacific is called a ___

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