Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 5

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  1. Do you know ___ way he went?
    a. which
    b. witch

  2. Do you prefer ___ corn or corn on the cob?
    a. colonel
    b. kernel

  3. Do you really ___ the money?
    a. knead
    b. need

  4. DonŐt be a ___, be more interesting.
    a. boar
    b. bore

  5. Einstein won the Noble prize for ___.
    a. physics
    b. psychics

  6. Everyone went to the party ___ John.
    a. accept
    b. except

  7. Exercise and dieting will help you to lose ___ weight.
    a. access
    b. excess

  8. Exercise builds ___ and reduces fat.
    a. muscle
    b. mussel

  9. Fabric ___ takes a lot of skill.
    a. dyeing
    b. dying

  10. February is the time of the year that many people get colds and ___.
    a. flew
    b. flue
    c. flu

  11. Films must be screened by a ___ before they are shown.
    a. censor
    b. censure
    c. sensor

  12. Flowers are a natural source of fabric ___.
    a. die
    b. dye

  13. For better texture you must ___ the dough longer.
    a. knead
    b. need

  14. For what ___ shall we meet?
    a. propose
    b. purpose
    c. porpoise

  15. Frank and ___ are best friends.
    a. earnest
    b. Ernest

  16. Gary stood as still as a ___.
    a. statue
    b. stature
    c. statute

  17. Geraldine came and ___ for three weeks last summer.
    a. staid
    b. stayed

  18. Get me the gift ___ that I left on the counter.
    a. rap
    b. wrap

  19. Get to the ___ of the problem.
    a. root
    b. route

  20. Give me ___, please.
    a. to
    b. too
    c. two

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