Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 9

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  1. How late are you ___ to stay up at night?
    a. aloud
    b. allowed

  2. How much did you ___ during the summer?
    a. urn
    b. earn

  3. I ___ you not to drink and drive.
    a. advice
    b. advise

  4. I ___ all about it in the morning newspaper.
    a. read
    b. red

  5. I ___ her a letter but she did not reply.
    a. rote
    b. wrote

  6. I ___ my right to an attorney.
    a. waive
    b. wave

  7. I ___ that you are in good health.
    a. pray
    b. prey

  8. I am ___ to take chemistry this term.
    a. hoping
    b. hopping

  9. I am glad that it is over and ___ with.
    a. done
    b. dun

  10. I am just ___ to see you!
    a. dyeing
    b. dying

  11. I am not sure but ___ I will go.
    a. maybe
    b. may be

  12. I am very honored to ___ you.
    a. meat
    b. meet
    c. mete

  13. I can ___ many references to support this position.
    a. cite
    b. sight
    c. site

  14. I can hardly ___ in this smoky room!
    a. breath
    b. breathe

  15. I can not ___ you. Speak up.
    a. hear
    b. here

  16. I can not get that ___ stain out of your shirt.
    a. berry
    b. bury

  17. I cannot ___ to put on long sleeves on a sunny day.
    a. bare
    b. bear

  18. I did ___!
    a. not
    b. knot

  19. I do my best to be frank and ___.
    a. earnest
    b. Ernest

  20. I do not care ___ you stay or leave.
    a. weather
    b. whether

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