Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 19

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  1. The ___ of the propellers could be hear for many miles.
    a. were
    b. where
    c. whir

  2. The ___ of the ship is at the front.
    a. bough
    b. bow

  3. The ___ of the story is never trust a stranger.
    a. moral
    b. morale

  4. The ___ of the tree broke off in the storm.
    a. bough
    b. bow

  5. The ___ opens in a forest.
    a. scene
    b. seen

  6. The ___ played all of my favorite songs.
    a. band
    b. ban

  7. The ___ point is a thesis.
    a. main
    b. mane

  8. The ___ rose at 5:15 today.
    a. son
    b. sun

  9. The ___ rushed in a covered the beach.
    a. tide
    b. tied

  10. The ___ shop sold dress, veils and flowers.
    a. bridal
    b. bridle

  11. The ___ shop sold saddles, spurs and cowboy hats.
    a. bridal
    b. bridle

  12. The ___ society cares for animal rights.
    a. human
    b. humane

  13. The ___ was a soloist and an orchestral member.
    a. flautist
    b. flaunt

  14. The ___ was hard to follow after the rain.
    a. trail
    b. trial

  15. The ___ was looking for a new dog to live on.
    a. flea
    b. flee

  16. The ___ went on for more than six weeks.
    a. trail
    b. trial

  17. The ___ were placed behind the infantrymen.
    a. ordinance
    b. ordnance

  18. The actor entered the stage right on ___.
    a. queue
    b. cue

  19. The appetizer is meant to ___ your appetite.
    a. wet
    b. whet

  20. The art of ___ arrangement takes many years of patient loving practice to master.
    a. flour
    b. flower

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