Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 22

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  1. The fraction that is calculated for an angle by dividing the length of the opposite side is the "___".
    a. sign
    b. sine

  2. The gift was ___ in red shiny cellophane.
    a. rapt
    b. wrapped

  3. The golfer gently tapped the ball into the ___.
    a. hole
    b. whole

  4. The golfer scored a ___ in one.
    a. whole
    b. hole

  5. The golfer yelled ___ as he swung his club.
    a. for
    b. fore
    c. four

  6. The heat made her feel ___.
    a. faint
    b. feint

  7. The heat made the perfume ___ from the women gathered in the small room.
    a. emanate
    b. eminent
    c. imminent

  8. The hockey players were ___ from the club because of their behavior.
    a. band
    b. banned

  9. The honeybee returned to ___ hive.
    a. its
    b. it's

  10. The horse will ___ if it is scared.
    a. nay
    b. neigh

  11. The horse's ___ needs to be brushed daily.
    a. main
    b. mane

  12. The howls of the wolves pierced the ___ air and sent chills up her spine.
    a. knight
    b. night

  13. The hunter slowly raised his gun and took aim at the ___.
    a. dear
    b. deer

  14. The jet ___ through the atmosphere.
    a. soared
    b. sword

  15. The knight was sent out to ___ a dragon.
    a. slay
    b. sleigh

  16. The largest instrument in the violin family is the double ___.
    a. base
    b. bass

  17. The lawyer entered the ___.
    a. pleas
    b. please

  18. The logs were placed on a ___ in the fireplace.
    a. grate
    b. great

  19. The loud noise made her ___ during the speech.
    a. pause
    b. paws

  20. The main __ was veal.
    a. coarse
    b. course

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