Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 24

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  1. The puppy had mud all over its ___.
    a. pause
    b. paws

  2. The radio is ___ the television.
    a. beside
    b. besides

  3. The red bicycle was ___ instead of the blue one.
    a. choose
    b. chose
    c. chosen

  4. The red cross is a ___ of emergency health care.
    a. cymbal
    b. symbol

  5. The rope was ___, not slack.
    a. taught
    b. taut

  6. The sailor was a expert at tying every kind of ___.
    a. knot
    b. not

  7. The sale was cancelled. It was ___ and void.
    a. nil
    b. null

  8. The secret to good bread is in the choice of ___.
    a. flour
    b. flower

  9. The sheet ___ will take place in March.
    a. sail
    b. sale

  10. The shy youth felt tongue ___ in front of girls.
    a. tide
    b. tied

  11. The soprano and tenor sang a romantic ___.
    a. duel
    b. dual
    c. duet

  12. The special bargain is two ___ the price of one.
    a. for
    b. fore
    c. four

  13. The student __ meets every Wednesday
    a. counsel
    b. council
    c. consul

  14. The sun ___ bright on their wedding day.
    a. shone
    b. shown

  15. The tables were ___. They were nailed to the floor.
    a. stationary
    b. stationery

  16. The teacher called the ___ at the beginning of each class.
    a. role
    b. roll

  17. The teacher stayed after school to ___ the student who had problems.
    a. counsel
    b. council
    c. consul

  18. The thunderstorm was ___.
    a. emanate
    b. eminent
    c. imminent

  19. The tiger silently stalked its ___.
    a. pray
    b. prey

  20. The toilet paper had an herbal ___.
    a. cent
    b. scent
    c. sent

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