Commonly Confused Words - Quiz 28

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  1. William made a ___ that his brother would someday become an all-star pitcher.
    a. prophecy
    b. prophesy

  2. Would you like ___ dance?
    a. to
    b. too
    c. two

  3. Would you like a ___ of pie or cake?
    a. peace
    b. piece

  4. Writers like to live high above the world in a ___.
    a. garret
    b. garrote

  5. Yes, I am ___.
    a. already
    b. all ready

  6. You are so ___ that you think that everyone is looking at you.
    a. vane
    b. vain
    c. vein

  7. You be back home ___ midnight!
    a. buy
    b. by

  8. You can insult me but how dare you ___ my wife!
    a. sleight
    b. slight

  9. You can not ___ the problem by running away.
    a. allude
    b. elude

  10. You canŐt really buy anything for one ___.
    a. cent
    b. scent
    c. sent

  11. You look ___. You need some sun.
    a. pail
    b. pale

  12. You look like an ___ in that white dress!
    a. angel
    b. angle

  13. You must ___ faster to win the race.
    a. pedal
    b. peddle

  14. You must ___ in a wild horse.
    a. rain
    b. reign
    c. rein

  15. You must ___ the line when you are in the Marines.
    a. toe
    b. tow

  16. You must address, stamp and seal the ___ before mailing it.
    a. envelop
    b. envelope

  17. You must have ___ in your work.
    a. pride
    b. pried

  18. You must have nerves of ___.
    a. steal
    b. steel

  19. You need flexibility to ___ to new situations.
    a. adapt
    b. adopt

  20. You need to ___ the pros and cons to make a good decision.
    a. way
    b. weigh

  21. You reap what you ___.
    a. sew
    b. so
    c. sow

  22. Young deer like to ___ in the meadow on a bright summer day.
    a. gamble
    b. gambol

  23. Your seats are on the first ___ of balconies.
    a. tear
    b. tier

  24. ___ can be made from many types of fruit.
    a. Jews
    b. Juice

  25. ___ celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday.
    a. Jews
    b. Juice

The End

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