Homonyms - Quiz 1

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  1. A ___ is an animal.
    a. bare
    b. bear

  2. When it ___, it pours.
    a. rains
    b. reigns
    c. reins

  3. It is dishonest to ___.
    a. steal
    b. steel

  4. A ___ is a type of tree.
    a. beach
    b. beech

  5. Take me ___ your leader!
    a. to
    b. too
    c. two

  6. What a ___ of good milk!
    a. waist
    b. waste

  7. My ___ is naturally curly.
    a. hair
    b. hare

  8. The team ___ the playoffs.
    a. won
    b. one

  9. She vanished into thin ___.
    a. air
    b. heir

  10. The ___ of France is Paris.
    a. capital
    b. capitol

  11. Come ___ right this minute!
    a. hear
    b. here

  12. The window ___ was cracked.
    a. pain
    b. pane

  13. That's him! He is the ___.
    a. won
    b. one

  14. A ___ child is called a son.
    a. mail
    b. male

  15. A carrot is a ___ vegetable.
    a. root
    b. route

  16. To ___ means to plant seeds.
    a. sew
    b. so
    c. sow

  17. Iron is used to produce ___.
    a. steal
    b. steel

  18. I am very honored to ___ you.
    a. meat
    b. meet

  19. A ___ is a type of shellfish.
    a. muscle
    b. mussel

  20. One tasty fish is called ___.
    a. place
    b. plaice

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