Homonyms - Quiz 4

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  1. She was unhealthy and looked very ___.
    a. pail
    b. pale

  2. What ___ you do if it happened to you?
    a. wood
    b. would

  3. Companies try to make a ___ every year.
    a. profit
    b. prophet

  4. The love ___ took place on the balcony.
    a. scene
    b. seen

  5. Do you prefer ___, blues or jazz music?
    a. sole
    b. soul

  6. The tiger jumped ___ the ring of fire.
    a. threw
    b. through

  7. I should have been ___ of my condition.
    a. told
    b. tolled

  8. Your mother's sister is called your ___.
    a. ant
    b. aunt

  9. Don't be impolite! Don't be such a ___.
    a. boar
    b. bore
    c. boor

  10. It is a serious offence to ___ the army.
    a. desert
    b. dessert

  11. The ___ to a man's heart is his stomach.
    a. key
    b. quay

  12. She entered the convent to become a ___.
    a. none
    b. nun

  13. The jockey held the horse's ___ lightly.
    a. rains
    b. reigns
    c. reins

  14. My dream is to ___ a best selling novel.
    a. right
    b. write

  15. Plants benefit from a daily spray of ___.
    a. missed
    b. mist

  16. He traveled over hill and ___ to see her.
    a. vale
    b. veil

  17. The ship was moored at the end of the ___.
    a. key
    b. quay

  18. I keep an extra ___ of shoes at my office.
    a. pear
    b. pair

  19. The ___ subsided after he took an aspirin.
    a. pain
    b. pane

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