Homonyms - Quiz 6

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  1. He took the supplies to the new building ___.
    a. sight
    b. site
    c. cite

  2. Every night I like to read ___ to my children.
    a. allowed
    b. aloud

  3. He made a ___ decision when he fired Marjorie.
    a. bad
    b. bade

  4. She ___ her nose into the tissue very quietly.
    a. blew
    b. blue

  5. Dogs like to ___ bones to save them for later.
    a. berry
    b. bury

  6. Those who follow a vegetarian diet eat no ___.
    a. meat
    b. meet

  7. The loud noise made her ___ during the speech.
    a. pause
    b. paws

  8. It is possible to make a kite ___ like a bird.
    a. soar
    b. sore

  9. One of the most expensive cuts of meat is ___.
    a. stake
    b. steak

  10. Do you have ___ to pick up Bobby after school?
    a. time
    b. thyme

  11. The groom lifted the ___ and kissed his bride.
    a. vale
    b. veil

  12. The yard could only be entered through the ___.
    a. gait
    b. gate

  13. The logs were placed on a ___ in the fireplace.
    a. grate
    b. great

  14. One bit of good news is better than ___ at all.
    a. none
    b. nun

  15. The fisherman was proud of his new rod and ___.
    a. real
    b. reel

  16. My mother's favorite flower was the yellow ___.
    a. rose
    b. rows

  17. The scientist picked up the lab rat by its ___.
    a. tail
    b. tale

  18. You have to tell me ___ to blame for this mess.
    a. who's
    b. whose

  19. The novelist worked feverishly on his final ___.
    a. draft
    b. draught

  20. They say that ___ going to get colder this week.
    a. its
    b. it's

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