Homonyms - Quiz 10

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  1. The church bell ___ to announce the end of the ceremony.
    a. told
    b. tolled

  2. The hunter slowly raised his gun and took aim at the ___.
    a. dear
    b. deer

  3. If the traffic is jammed, why don't you take another ___.
    a. root
    b. route

  4. Newsprint ___ very easily, so it is not good for writing.
    a. tares
    b. tears

  5. Swimming is only allowed between the pier and the red ___.
    a. boy
    b. buoy

  6. Most breakfast ___ is made from oats, wheat, rice or corn.
    a. cereal
    b. serial

  7. If flowers are left out of water they will wither and ___.
    a. die
    b. dye

  8. The drunkard walked along the street with an unsteady ___.
    a. gait
    b. gate

  9. The choir sang a ___ in honor of the newly married couple.
    a. him
    b. hymn

  10. A ___ of children attacked the treats on the picnic table.
    a. hoard
    b. horde

  11. The skipper raised the main ___ and the boat gained speed.
    a. sail
    b. sale

  12. Children should learn how to ___ buttons on their clothes.
    a. sew
    b. so
    c. sow

  13. Be sure to ___ the front desk for messages when you return.
    a. check
    b. cheque

  14. The tourist used a traveler's ___ to pay for his souvenirs.
    a. check
    b. cheque

  15. These days it is not very common to have a ___ or a butler.
    a. made
    b. maid

  16. A snowy owl ___ upon mice, rabbits and other small animals.
    a. praise
    b. prays
    c. preys

  17. The meeting is not over yet, ___ I will be late for dinner.
    a. sew
    b. so
    c. sow

  18. The judge ordered that he be held without ___ in the prison.
    a. bail
    b. bale

  19. On New Year's Eve we can hear the ___ ringing at the temple.
    a. bell
    b. belle

  20. Young deer like to ___ in the meadow on a bright summer day.
    a. gamble
    b. gambol

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