Homonyms - Quiz 12

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  1. He stood for a long time on the ___ watching the ships pass by.
    a. peer
    b. pier

  2. The cracks in the ___ were made by the weight of the chandelier.
    a. ceiling
    b. sealing

  3. Los Vegas is a great place to ___ but not always a place to win.
    a. gamble
    b. gambol

  4. The plates had a ___ edging and had painted roses in the center.
    a. gilt
    b. guilt

  5. Have you ___ that bread prices will be going up again this week?
    a. heard
    b. herd

  6. Every month there is a used clothes ___ at Toji Temple in Kyoto.
    a. sail
    b. sale

  7. The signal was very ___ so it was hard to hear the transmission.
    a. weak
    b. week

  8. The 50% discount on the brand name sneakers made them a good ___.
    a. buy
    b. by
    c. bye

  9. The desk was made from a large ___ resting on two filing cabinets.
    a. board
    b. bored

  10. The retired couple went on a pleasure ship ___ to the East Indies.
    a. crews
    b. cruise

  11. In the 1800's farmers depended on ___ horses to plow their fields.
    a. draft
    b. draught

  12. If you do not wash your skin properly the ___ will become clogged.
    a. pores
    b. pours

  13. A tiger in its ___ is more dangerous than three tigers in the open.
    a. lair
    b. layer

  14. A ___ is a long, onion-like vegetable that has a milder aftertaste.
    a. leak
    b. leek

  15. The telephone seems to ___ differently when my mother-in-law calls.
    a. ring
    b. wring

  16. The cruise ship named Titanic was the largest to ever sail the ___.
    a. sea
    b. see

  17. February is the time of the year that many people get colds and ___.
    a. flew
    b. flue
    c. flu

  18. The first ___ of the sun in the morning made a pink glow in the sky.
    a. raise
    b. rays
    c. raze

  19. She spent the afternoon pulling out the weeds and ___ in her garden.
    a. tares
    b. tears

  20. The tree had one large ___ that looked strong enough to hold a swing.
    a. bough
    b. bow

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