Homonyms - Quiz 20

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  1. Something that is sacred is also ___.
    a. holy
    b. wholly

  2. A ___ is a narrow passage of water.
    a. straight
    b. strait

  3. There is too much at ___ to be careless.
    a. stake
    b. steak

  4. There is no nicer smell than freshly ___ grass.
    a. moan
    b. mown

  5. There is not much to buy for one ___.
    a. scent
    b. sent
    c. cent

  6. The children told ___ mother a lie.
    a. their
    b. there
    c. they're

  7. Brian invited ___ of his friends to his birthday party.
    a. known
    b. none
    c. nun

  8. The pain made her ___.
    a. moan
    b. mown

  9. A ___ is a female deer.
    a. doe
    b. dough

  10. There is a ___ in my eye.
    a. moat
    b. mote

  11. She liked clothes made from blue ___ material.
    a. gene
    b. jean

  12. She likes to ride the roller coaster for the ___ thrill of it.
    a. shear
    b. sheer

  13. It looks like ___ but the weather forecast was for sunshine.
    a. rain
    b. reign
    c. rein

  14. The golfer scored a ___ in one.
    a. whole
    b. hole

  15. The ball went ___ the window.
    a. threw
    b. through

  16. I am glad that it is over and ___ with.
    a. done
    b. dun

  17. A female sheep is called a ___.
    a. ewe
    b. you
    c. yew

  18. The soldier ___ a flower on his uniform.
    a. war
    b. wore

  19. A small sample is over there in the glass ___.
    a. file
    b. phial

  20. The golfer gently tapped the ball into the ___.
    a. hole
    b. whole

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