Homonyms - Quiz 26

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  1. Ring the church ___ !
    a. bell
    b. belle

  2. It is illegal to ___ goods door to door.
    a. pedal
    b. peddle

  3. There is a rich ___ of comedy in Mike Nichol's movies.
    a. vane
    b. vain
    c. vein

  4. This pie is too ___.
    a. suite
    b. sweet

  5. Use a knife to ___ the potatoes.
    a. pear
    b. pair
    c. pare

  6. He took out an ___ in the newspaper to look for a room mate.
    a. ad
    b. add

  7. William made a ___ that his brother would someday become an all-star pitcher.
    a. prophecy
    b. prophesy

  8. She winked her ___ at her husband.
    a. aye
    b. eye
    c. I

  9. The choir sang a ___ in honor of the newly married couple.
    a. him
    b. hymn

  10. I do not mean to ___ you but I need to talk to you again about my novel.
    a. boar
    b. bore

  11. The horse will ___ if it is scared.
    a. nay
    b. neigh

  12. A tiger in its ___ is more dangerous than three tigers in the open.
    a. lair
    b. layer

  13. Exercise builds ___ and reduces fat.
    a. muscle
    b. mussel

  14. There should be ___ to life than just work.
    a. more
    b. mower

  15. Mothers like to ___ to their babies when they are crying.
    a. coo
    b. coup

  16. The businessman ___ his flight so he had to call his office.
    a. missed
    b. mist

  17. Is that bird a ___ or a crane?
    a. tern
    b. turn

  18. Is that what you ___?
    a. meant
    b. ment(a suffix)

  19. She got a topaz ___ from her mother for her birthday.
    a. broach
    b. brooch

  20. Can you make any ___ of this note?
    a. sense
    b. since

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