Homonyms - Quiz 41

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  1. Slowly ___ the milk over the cereal.
    a. pore
    b. pour

  2. It was a case of love at first ___.
    a. sight
    b. site
    c. cite

  3. Do not ___ the lily. Simple is best.
    a. gild
    b. guild
    c. guilt

  4. He had a ___ complexion so he had to avoid too much sun.
    a. fair
    b. fare

  5. The ___ played all of my favorite songs.
    a. band
    b. banned

  6. An oboe is a double ___ instrument.
    a. read
    b. reed

  7. The sheet ___ will take place in March.
    a. sail
    b. sale

  8. The prettiest girl is called the ___ of the ball.
    a. bell
    b. belle

  9. Days of ___ came long before.
    a. yore
    b. your
    c. you're

  10. Victoria had the longest ___ of any British monarch.
    a. rain
    b. reign
    c. rein

  11. It will take a military ___ to change the government.
    a. coo
    b. coup

  12. The wine ___ was located in a cool corner of an underground section of the house.
    a. cellar
    b. seller

  13. The choirmaster played the opening ___ before they sang.
    a. chord
    b. cord

  14. A ___ of corn will provide a wind break for other parts of the garden.
    a. roe
    b. row

  15. The yard could only be entered through the ___.
    a. gait
    b. gate

  16. Categories are only valid if they are ___.
    a. discreet
    b. discrete

  17. You must ___ the line when you are in the Marines.
    a. toe
    b. tow

  18. Let's take a stroll along the ___.
    a. beach
    b. beech

  19. The young mother let her child ___ havoc in the china shop.
    a. reek
    b. wreak

  20. Have a ___. Give me another chance.
    a. hart
    b. heart

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