Homonyms - Quiz 42

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  1. In the 1800's farmers depended on ___ horses to plow their fields.
    a. draft
    b. draught

  2. Lets take a five minute ___.
    a. brake
    b. break

  3. A row boat needs more than one ___.
    a. oar
    b. ore
    c. or

  4. A ___ expression mixes both humor and disbelief.
    a. rye
    b. wry

  5. Armor is usually made of ___.
    a. metal
    b. mettle

  6. Companies try to make a ___ every year.
    a. profit
    b. prophet

  7. There is still some remnants of a ___ system in India.
    a. cast
    b. caste

  8. The bells ___ to mark the end of the year.
    a. told
    b. tolled

  9. The telephone seems to ___ differently when my mother-in-law calls.
    a. ring
    b. wring

  10. The appetizer is meant to ___ your appetite.
    a. wet
    b. whet

  11. A favorite instrument in Elizabethan times was the ___, a stringed guitar-like instrument.
    a. loot
    b. lute

  12. The mountaineers made their ___ camp before attempting to climb to the summit.
    a. base
    b. bass

  13. Would you like some ___ or have you had enough?
    a. moor
    b. more

  14. ___ is a common English family name.
    a. Cocks
    b. Cox

  15. Season the chicken with a little ___.
    a. time
    b. thyme

  16. He was ___ down in the prime of his life.
    a. mode
    b. mowed

  17. He ___ my day when he said he liked my hair.
    a. made
    b. maid

  18. If you oil the hinges of that door they won't ___.
    a. creak
    b. creek

  19. Change your ___ and put the dirty ones in the laundry basket.
    a. cloths
    b. clothes

  20. He had a ___ for news.
    a. knows
    b. nose

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