Homonyms - Quiz 43

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  1. Do not ___ the monkeys.
    a. tease
    b. tees

  2. The ___ was looking for a new dog to live on.
    a. flea
    b. flee

  3. The ___ is found naturally in the shell of an oyster.
    a. pearl
    b. purl

  4. I did ___!
    a. not
    b. knot

  5. Instead of fighting, let's just ___.
    a. rap
    b. wrap

  6. I heard a ___ when she hung up the phone.
    a. click
    b. clique

  7. Do we have any candy ___ in the car?
    a. mince
    b. mints

  8. The knight was sent out to ___ a dragon.
    a. slay
    b. sleigh

  9. There is great danger in ___ warfare.
    a. gorilla
    b. guerrilla

  10. A popular sport in Hawaii is ___ boarding.
    a. serf
    b. surf

  11. The violence did not even __ her.
    a. faze
    b. phase

  12. He stood for a long time on the ___ watching the ships pass by.
    a. peer
    b. pier

  13. One variety of gin is made from ___ berries.
    a. sloe
    b. slow

  14. The world champion golfer designed a new golf ___.
    a. coarse
    b. course

  15. She served a lemon and a fruit ___ as the picnic beverage.
    a. ade
    b. aid

  16. Apple sauce is a nice ___ to roast pork.
    a. complement
    b. compliment

  17. The act of planting a ___ is an act of love.
    a. cede
    b. seed

  18. I ___ to go home now.
    a. want
    b. wont

  19. Carry the water in a ___.
    a. pail
    b. pale

  20. The law enforcement in a small town is done by a ___.
    a. marshall
    b. martial

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