Homonyms - Quiz 44

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  1. Plants benefit from a daily spray of ___.
    a. missed
    b. mist

  2. I hope you ___ drop in to see us soon.
    a. dew
    b. do
    c. due

  3. Go ___ down the road and then turn left at the lights.
    a. straight
    b. strait

  4. There ___ a way to fix this.
    a. maybe
    b. may be

  5. I've ___ working on the railroad.
    a. been
    b. bin

  6. Have ___ and do not get angry.
    a. patience
    b. patients

  7. The ___ went on for more than six weeks.
    a. trail
    b. trial

  8. His ___ of the book was critical but fair.
    a. review
    b. revue

  9. The ___ of the story is never trust a stranger.
    a. moral
    b. morale

  10. Weeds are also known as ___.
    a. tares
    b. tears

  11. The back of you foot is your ___.
    a. heal
    b. heel

  12. Researchers try to ___ truthful responses from subjects.
    a. elicit
    b. illicit

  13. It is customary to place a ___ around the neck of a visitor.
    a. lay
    b. lei
    c. lea

  14. It is difficult to ___ who will win the election.
    a. prophecy
    b. prophesy

  15. Young deer like to ___ in the meadow on a bright summer day.
    a. gamble
    b. gambol

  16. He threw the __ to the second base man.
    a. ball
    b. bawl

  17. A member of the House of Lords is known as a ___.
    a. peer
    b. pier

  18. Let there be ___ on Earth and let it begin with me.
    a. peace
    b. piece

  19. He came in right on ___.
    a. cue
    b. queue

  20. Will that be ___ or credit card?
    a. cache
    b. cash

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