Homonyms - Quiz 52

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  1. For ___ vacation we plan to visit Kansas this year.
    a. hour
    b. our

  2. One beautiful flower is ___.
    a. flocks
    b. phlox

  3. The doctor's ___ waited outside the office.
    a. patience
    b. patients

  4. A drink of water will clear the ___.
    a. palate
    b. palette

  5. I learned to ___ when I was five years old.
    a. read
    b. reed

  6. I learned to ___ when I was eleven years old.
    a. sew
    b. so
    c. sow

  7. Separate the egg white from the ___.
    a. yoke
    b. yolk

  8. The howls of the wolves pierced the ___ air and sent chills up her spine.
    a. knight
    b. night

  9. I ___ you not to wear white to the picnic.
    a. told
    b. tolled

  10. Many city buses expect riders to have the exact ___ ready when it is time to pay.
    a. fair
    b. fare

  11. Do you ___ the way to San Jose?
    a. know
    b. no

  12. I work ___ that my family can eat.
    a. sew
    b. so
    c. sow

  13. A wedding ceremony is a solemn but beautiful ___.
    a. right
    b. rite
    c. wright
    d. write

  14. Quitting is not my ___.
    a. stile
    b. style

  15. I do not mind if you ___ the fruit as long as you can still eat dinner.
    a. halve
    b. have

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