A Green Quiz for St. Patrick's Day

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  1. Which one of these color words is a shade of green?
    a. Cerulean
    b. Chartreuse
    c. Vermilion
    d. Titian

  2. A green thumb is:
    a. A first time hitch hiker.
    b. Someone who is clumsy with his or her hands.
    c. Someone who is good at gardening.

  3. A green horn is:
    a. Someone with little or no experience.
    b. An ecologically safe musical instrument.

  4. A person who is said to have green "eyes" feels:
    a. Envy
    b. Hatred
    c. Love

  5. A person who is green "around the gills" is:
    a. A lover of seafood
    b. Has trouble breathing
    c. Nauseous
    d. Happy

  6. The proverb "A hedge between keeps friendships green" means:
    a. Friendships are hard so don't expect them.
    b. Friends are always separated by something.
    c. Privacy is important for friendship.

  7. The proverb "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" means:
    a. People always think that they would be happier in a different situation or place.
    b. Farmers always wish they could own their neighbor's land.
    c. Grass grown in the shade of a fence stays green.

  8. The euphemism "green goods" refer to:
    a. Ecologically friendly paper
    b. Vegetables
    c. Counterfeit bank notes
    d. Green colored clothing

  9. The euphemism "green mailer" refers to:
    a. A corporate raider who seeks to get paid to go away
    b. A postal employee in a green uniform

  10. The euphemism "green carder" refers to:
    a. A member of Green Peace
    b. The holder of a U.S. work permit

  11. The euphemisms "green van" in the United Kingdom or "green cart" in Australia refer to:
    a. A environmentally friendly vehicle
    b. An electric golf cart
    c. Mental hospital ambulance which is typically colored green

  12. The euphemism "green hornet", in Toronto, Canada refers to:
    a. A type of insect
    b. A motorcycle traffic policeman who wears a green uniform
    c. A cartoon character

  13. The euphemism "green man" is:
    a. A British pub term for the men's toilet
    b. The caretaker of a golf course
    c. Is the shop keeper of a vegetable store

  14. The euphemism "green monkey disease" refers to:
    a. Drug addiction
    b. AIDS
    c. Malaria

  15. The euphemism "green needle" refers to:
    a. A reusable hypodermic needle
    b. A needle that gardeners use to inject fertilizer into soil
    c. A lethal injection of cyanide

  16. What are the names of some green vegetables?

  17. What are the names of some green fruits?

  18. The euphemism "green willow" means:
    a. To grieve for the loss of a loved one
    b. To plant a new tree in the park

  19. The euphemism "greenbacks" refers to
    a. Ecological refugees
    b. U.S. dollars
    c. Freshman football players

  20. The euphemism "Greensburg prep" refers to:
    a. Someone who attends a private school in Greensburg Pennsylvania
    b. The preparation for surgery given at Greensburg memorial hospital
    c. A model state prison pre-release center near Greensburg, Pennsylvania

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