Nouns From Adjectives

Complete the sentences with a noun form corresponding to the adjective given in parentheses. Then click the answer button to see the correct answer.

  1. He showed enormous ___ when he gave part of his inheritance to charity. (generous)

  2. We were really pleased with the ___ of his welcome. (warm)

  3. Crime and ___ can't be controlled in big cities. (violent)

  4. Her ___ was noticed by the head of the department. (efficient)

  5. Never underestimate the ___ of your ancestors. (wise)

  6. All men should be treated with ___ . (just)

  7. We must respect his ___ of speech. (free)

  8. I feel like a ___ in this city. (strange)

  9. It's my ___ to postpone the meeting. (responsible)

  10. He recovered ___ an hour after the accident. (conscious)

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