Vocabulary Quiz

Read the sentences and choose the best alternative.
Click the answer button to see the correct answer.

  1. What do people sing at Christmas?
    a. carols
    b. lullabies
    c. lyrics

  2. Which word does not mean lovely?
    a. pleasant
    b. amusing
    c. faithful

  3. Who offers a house or an apartment for rent?
    a. a landlady
    b. a charwoman
    c. a tenant

  4. What do you put on the finger to protect it while sewing?
    a. a thumb
    b. a thimble
    c. a thorn

  5. Who sees that the rules are obeyed in a baseball game?
    a. a judge
    b. a referee
    c. an umpire

  6. What word does not refer to babies?
    a. pacifier
    b. milkweed
    c. cradle

  7. Which word completes the proverb: "Every _____has its day."
    a. tiger
    b. dog
    c. horse

  8. Which word does not mean dismal?
    a. queasy
    b. lugubrious
    c. gloomy

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