Tag Questions

Decide what the correct tag question should be for each comment, then click on the answer button and you will be able to see the answer.

  1. Luciano Pavarotti is a great singer, ___ ___?

  2. It isn't very cold today, ___ ___?

  3. Ms. Patton assigns a lot of homework, ___ ___?

  4. I didn't bring enough money, ___ ___?

  5. The children won't want to go to bed early, ___ ___?

  6. You have already seen Braveheart, ___ ___?

  7. The movie received several Oscars ___ ___?

  8. We can't keep our dog in the hotel room, ___ ___?

  9. The Braves would like to win another World Series , ___ ___?

  10. Basketball players don't have small feet, ___ ___?

The tag question in English is a phrase added to the main part of the sentence, inviting the listener to confirm or give an opinion about the comment. It is composed of two parts: the auxiliar verb, determined by the principal verb, in negative form (or affirmative if the principal verb is negative), followed by the pronoun, determined by the subject.

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